Why study for a PhD in Business Administration?


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A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the pinnacle of practical business degrees. While a DBA is a serious undertaking that is studied by business leaders over a period of three to six years, it can prove to be a solid personal investment that provides a competitive advantage in the workplace. Along with helping to develop the leadership capabilities, critical thinking and decision-making skills of senior executives, the program enables participants to undertake business-focused research that can be directly applied to business challenges. , business practices and management to facilitate real change in their organization.

Better career opportunities at management level
There are many reasons why you might consider studying for a DBA. A recent Analysis of workforce data collected by the Office for National Statistics shows an explosion in the number of managerial positions over the past decade and a half. Having a DBA can provide a competitive edge as you learn advanced managerial skills designed for management, leadership, and leadership positions. You create new thinking in your organization and direct its impact. For anyone with work experience in management and leadership positions, studying for a DBA offers the opportunity to explore specific areas of research that can benefit their own company or employer, as well as open up more opportunities. personal career paths at the executive level.
Tap into a wealth of professional and academic expertise
The Coventry Business School DBA is based within the Business center in the company. The business school also houses the Center for Financial an


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