Wellsprings University Awards Doctor of Business Administration to First Lady of Edo – Nigerian Observer


The First Lady of Edo State, Her Excellency Betsy Obaseki, on Friday received an honorary doctorate (honoraris causa) from Wellspring University in Benin City, for her immense contributions to education, business and public service. public in Nigeria.

The First Lady of Edo State received the Doctor of Business Administration award at the 3rd Wellspring University Combined Convocation Ceremony held at the Benin City University Campus.

Her Excellency, Dr. Betsy Obaseki, in a speech shortly after receiving the award, said she was delighted that the institution had a program that seeks to impact its immediate and wider community.

Obaseki advised young people to be assertive in nation building. She said, “You have a voice and you have the numbers. Get out and take back your country”.

Earlier, the university’s chancellor, Rev. Itua Ighodalo, urged students to believe in themselves. He said, “There is no doubt that you received a quality education that could keep you going on any platform anywhere in the world and by the grace of God many of you will perform not only in Nigeria, but wherever the world will find you. But most importantly, as His Excellency said, Nigeria is the best place in the world”.

At the graduation conference, engineer Wale Adediran urged students to be innovative amid the current perceived chaos. He said, “You can build billion-naira, billion-dollar businesses without even leaving your parent’s living room. In your small apartment, you can change the world and when there is chaos, it offers opportunities”.

The Supreme Ruler of Agbor, His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikenchukwu Keagborekuzi, said it was time to urge Nigerians on the need for honesty. He said to me, “Don’t make fun of people in government, people who think they have too much power, you’re not helping them by doing this, what I need is your honesty. , I am a leader, I make mistakes. I make mistakes today, I will make mistakes tomorrow. What I need around me are people who can respectfully let me know that I made these mistakes.

205 people graduated at the Convocation, of which 71 were postgraduates. Of the 134 first degree graduates, 11 won first class honours, including six girls and five boys.


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