USI Romain College of Business to Offer Agricultural Business Courses Beginning Fall 2022 Semester


Indiana University’s Romain College of Business will offer agriculture as a new area of ​​focus in the business administration degree, beginning in the fall 2022 semester. The new area of ​​focus will require five courses: Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Finance, and Farm and Ranch Management, as well as an advisor-approved graduate course. The new agricultural business courses are open to all majors.

“The new Agricultural Business courses and area of ​​focus within the Business Administration major will make USI and the Romain College of Business an attractive option for a new set of potential students who want to contribute to the one of many companies responsible for bringing food to the table,” says Dr. Jill Oeding, associate professor of business law. “Some students may be attracted to agribusiness courses because they grew up on a farm and want to pursue a familiar career related to agriculture.Other students may be intrigued by the agricultural sector of the economy and choose to improve their marketing by learning more about agricultural applications within businesses.

Indiana is the 10th largest agricultural state and the eighth largest agricultural exporter in the country. Offering a series of courses in agribusiness meets the needs of students who are currently engaged or wish to be part of the agribusiness sector of local or global economies. Students are encouraged to expand their business administration degree with courses in agribusiness.

“Agriculture accounts for more than $31 billion of Indiana’s economic activity. Over 96% of farms in Indiana are family owned and operated. Understanding the business side of farming is as essential to running a small farm today as it is to large commercial operations,” says economics professor Dr. Cathy Carey. “In addition, many other careers in agriculture also recommend or require a business degree, including agricultural loans, crop insurance, food manufacturing and plant operations managers, marketing, government statisticians and more. USI’s new agricultural business orientation will provide training in a wide range of areas, including farm management, farm pricing, marketing, and finance. Specialist knowledge in these areas will help agribusiness managers plan, analyze and control business performance in a wide variety of agribusinesses and related markets.

Learn more about, or contact the Romain College of Business Advisory Center at (812) 465-7028.

The Romain College of Business, one of USI’s four colleges, is AACSB-accredited for its undergraduate and graduate programs in business and accounting, a distinction shared only by certain accredited institutions. The college offers eight bachelor’s degree programs, 12 minors, and a master of business administration program that is available in both traditional and accelerated online formats with multiple areas of focus. For more information, visit the Roman College website at


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