The Music Business Academy for Africa returns


An associate professor from New York University, Dr. Carlos Chirinos, said talented artists in Nigeria outnumber talent management professionals who can help artists succeed in the music industry.

Chirinos revealed this as the Music Business Academy for Africa was planning to start its training program for the second year.

The MBA, which was founded by Godwin Tom, would be held in partnership with Music Ally and Chirinos of Music Business Department, NYU, organizers said.

Speaking on the significance of the program, Chirinos said it will help educate music professionals and create a natural workforce for the music industry in Nigeria.

He said, “The number of talented artists in Nigeria far exceeds the number of music industry professionals who can help these artists succeed.

“The MBA for Africa program fills the void by providing professional training to create the required workforce for the industry. In doing so, MBA contributes to the social and economic development of Nigeria and the continent.

In his remarks, Tom said that when he started in the industry, there was nowhere to learn about the music business, adding that he made a lot of mistakes in the process.

He said: “Like many of my peers, I had to make so many mistakes and it took me years to realize I had done so many things wrong.

“The Music Business Academy for Africa offers all modules designed for creative music entrepreneurs to tap into and exploit the vast opportunities in the music and entertainment industry in Africa.”

Program Director, MBA, Elizabeth Sobowale, said: “As Africans, we need to take ownership of the creation and dissemination of our knowledge. The MBA for Africa plays an important role in ensuring that knowledge of Africa’s music, creative and cultural industries is passed on to the continent’s future leaders, executives and creators.

Our correspondent understood that the program would run between July and November 2022 and teach students a range of music industry trends and technologies, as well as give them hands-on experience in music distribution and promotion in order to creating sustainable careers for artists.

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