The JOYFully BadAss Business Academy (TM) helps female business owners create more joy in life and business


The JOYFully BadAss Business Academy™ helps female business owners win the battle of burnout by using JOYFull Productivity as a business strategy

AUSTIN, TX/ACCESSWIRE/July 11, 2022/ Recent reports show that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on working life has caused “big thinking” among many employees, meaning that the “joy gap” – the difference between the employee’s expectations for experiencing joy in relation to one’s actual experience of joy at work – is increasing.

According to JOYFully BadAss Business Academy™it is essential that employees and business owners focus on creating more joy to avoid burnout.

Make your decisions from a place of joy

Making decisions with joy is powerful because the joy is yours. It does not depend on external circumstances or situations. In fact, joy can help you accept and refuse clients and opportunities, because you can refuse to do anything that isn’t joyful in one way or another.

Become your own best friend

Take inspired actions that will help you know yourself better. Walking around and listening to the sounds of nature can help you generate conversations with your inner voice. Journaling, meditating, and spending time alone are also helpful so you can hear your own thoughts and feelings.


Try journaling about your first memory of pure joy. What did you feel ? Look like? Looks like? What were you doing? What was going through your mind? Who else was there? What can you take away from this memory that you can use now?

The JOYFully BadAss Business Academy™ was created to help female business owners win the battle against burnout by using JOYFull Productivity as a business strategy. Their work rate mmicro course cover a variety of business development topics and are delivered via bite-sized mini-lessons making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Founder Janifer Wheeler recently shared her story of how she discovered more joy in her life, as well as her tips and advice on how others can do the same, in the bestselling book Creating Joy: Changemakers share wisdom, rituals, and practices for living a life filled with joy. The book, which contains chapters from 13 authors around the world, achieved multiple number 1 spots on Amazon’s bestseller lists upon release.

As a former teacher turned award-winning productivity and e-learning consultant, Janifer has spent more than 25 years helping schools and small businesses organize around process delegation, development and documentation, workplace culture and micro-course design.

She says, “I’m really proud of the support and service I provide to my clients. With my help, they were able to document all of their processes for greater accountability and clarity, design digital courses and micro-learnings for training and passive income, and develop delegation strategies and plans to offload tasks that are not in their happy zone. genius.

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