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Survival is the action and effect of surviving. It is mainly used to live on meager means or in adverse conditions. It comes from the Latin to supervise, to survive.

Survival techniques are those skills that allow a person to stay alive if isolated in the wilderness. These techniques allow the subject to feed itself, protect itself from bad weather and heal its small wounds.

The survival kit is a small set of tools that are kept in a small box or container and carried around at all times. Its purpose is to provide us with the basic tools to survive in case we lose the backpack with most of our equipment. Some of its common elements are the elements to get the fire, the first aid kit, the signage, the orientation, the cutting tools…

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Use of philosophy

A philosopher is a person who studies philosophy, a science born from the human attitude of contemplation and reflection on existence. Philosophizing is intrinsic to man and involves thinking, reasoning and questioning values, being, thought, reason, existence and knowledge, which are just some of the most important themes. more recurrent.

To philosophize is to ask and raise different questions about the world in general. It is about reasoning, using reason and drawing conclusions. To carry out this investigation, the philosopher needs to appeal to other sciences such as theology.

They will seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake, above all and without pragmatic purpose. The philosopher is driven by curiosity and in that order will begin to question the ultimate foundations of reality itself. Here is a selection of exceptional books written by great philosophers



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