Story of an alumni: an Italian business graduate in London


Before starting my Masters at Imperial College London, I studied Economics at the University of Florence in Italy.

After living in Italy for over 20 years I decided to change my surroundings, ideally somewhere with more international exposure. London was, naturally, one of the strongest candidates.

However, it was not easy to decide which program to choose. I wanted a versatile program that offered the opportunity to join different industries after graduation. After hours and hours of research through various business schools and programs, I found that the MSc in International Management at Imperial meets my requirements.

The application process was quite simple and straightforward, although it required a lot of preparation before submitting the application form. In addition to supporting documents such as your resume, transcripts, and references, applicants must submit a strong personal statement and answer career planning questions. I found them very introspective and helpful in clarifying my goals and ambitions.

Each candidate has an impressive CV and outstanding achievements. To stand out, you need to be emotionally intelligent and culturally aware.

I was then invited to a video interview. I received my offer a few weeks after the interview and that’s when I knew I was going to London.

Starting a new chapter of your life in an unknown country has not been easy and the pandemic has multiplied this difficulty several times.

Accommodation is the first hurdle international students have to overcome when moving to London. I chose to stay in student accommodation owned by Imperial so I could meet other students more easily.

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London is such a big city compared to Florence and as a newcomer I had to familiarize myself with both the city and the university. The first is still under construction a year and a half later. This last one was quite easy thanks to the other students I have met at Imperial.

Most international students who choose to study in London aim to stay and work in the city after graduation. I was one of them.

Studying at Imperial College Business School has helped me in my career development in many ways.

The modules I studied and the guidance I received from the careers team prepared me to pass online tests and interviews. The new hybrid networking opportunities offered by the Business School have further improved my chances of following my ideal career path after graduation.

It was a difficult year with the intense master’s program and the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, I managed to finish my degree with honors and land a job in strategy consulting.

Overall, Imperial College Business School helped me achieve my goal of moving to London to start my consulting career. I enjoyed the program, although we missed many in-person activities due to the pandemic.

Currently, I’m enjoying my post-imperial life in London while working in a fast-paced business. I encourage international students who want to study and work in London to start their research online.

If you have more personalized and detailed questions, do not hesitate to contact current students and alumni to understand if the program or London is the right choice for you.


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