St. Mary’s College freezes tuition; Adds a Major in Performing Arts and Business Administration

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ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. — Saturday, February 5, 2022 – Today, the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Board of Trustees approved a tuition freeze for a third consecutive year. The Council also approved a new major in performing arts and a major in business administration.

Tuition and Fees

The Board of Trustees has authorized, on the recommendation of the Finance, Investments and Audit Committee, that student tuition rates for the 2022-2023 academic year remain equal to the 2021-2022 rates. For the third year in a row, in-state tuition will remain at $12,116; out-of-state tuition will remain at $28,192; and tuition for residents of the District of Columbia remains at $22,116.

Council also authorized a 2% increase in mandatory fees and room rates. For board (meal) rates, the Board allowed a 4% increase due to inflation.

The tuition freeze began following a review of recommendations from a board task force, formed in 2019 at the request of President Tuajuanda C. Jordan. The task force studied how the College, as a public institution focused on providing specialized education, could ensure better access for students.

“St. Mary’s College recognizes the pressure increases in college expenses can have on students and families and the board remains committed to easing that burden,” said board chair Susan Lawrence Dyer. “While we are unable to control inflation impacted costs such as our catering costs, I commend President Jordan and staff for managing the budget in such a way that we are able to maintain again our tuition fees while maintaining the exceptional honors the education that students and families have come to expect from St. Mary’s College.

Current tuition, fees, room and board for an in-state student totals $28,993 and $45,069 for a non-Maryland resident.

“Restructuring the entire institution, tightening the belt and increasing efficiency have made possible our efforts to mitigate increases in tuition fees,” said President Tuajuanda C. Jordan.

“Continuing our freeze reinforces our commitment to our students and paves the way for others to see this place, National Public Honors College, as their college of choice.”

Performing Arts and Business Administration

Pending approval from the Maryland Commission on Higher Education, two new majors are slated for a fall 2022 start date, performing arts and business administration.

Music and theater faculty members worked together over the summer to develop a proposal for the performing arts major that includes a bridging course, an integrated cornerstone, and three concentrations (music, theater and integrated performing arts). The major replaces the former majors in Music and in Theatre, Film and Media Studies. “We look forward to delivering this new performing arts major, especially with its unveiling with a new performing arts building,” said Jeffrey Byrd, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs.

For the Business Administration major, the College contracted with a research firm specializing in higher education to help identify the appropriate pool of candidates for the inaugural William Seale Chair in Business. Simultaneously, planning is underway to ensure that a sufficient number of entry-level business administration courses are available for students wishing to start the major this fall. “Students are clamoring for a major in business administration, and the faculty has designed one that’s rooted in the liberal arts tradition and ripe for cross-disciplinary connections,” Byrd said.

In other cases:

  • The Board has authorized, on the recommendation of its Campus Life Committee, a chosen name policy that allows students and employees to officially notify the College of the first name they have chosen. Students may submit a Chosen Name Request Form for review by the Vice President of Student Affairs. Employees can submit a request to Human Resources. The first name chosen would be reflected in campus communication systems that do not require the use of legal names.
  • The board also approved a revised job description for the student trustee position. The student trustee serves one year and may attend and vote at all board meetings except to establish or administer policy for teaching or administrative staff. The job description was developed by the Campus Life Committee to define role, responsibilities and benefits; provide guidance to the current student administrator and to the student administrator in training; encourage qualified students to apply; and enable students who engage with the board in these roles to have meaningful experiences.
  • The Board authorized the revision of the citation criteria for the Order of the Ark and the Dove on the recommendation of the Governance Committee of Trustees. The Order of the Ark and the Dove citation was originally created in 1972 to honor those who have rendered distinguished service to St. Mary’s College. This citation is the highest honor the College can bestow.

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