Solon: include environmental and business courses in basic education


Surigao del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers has tabled a bill to integrate programs or courses on environmental protection, entrepreneurship, reproductive health and population control, and prevention substance abuse in the curriculum for elementary and secondary school students.

Introducing Bill 5202, otherwise known as the Responsible Youth Act, Barbers said the passions, dreams, drive and determination of young people can make a difference in building a nation .

“However, young people today face many risks and challenges, including drug addiction, teenage pregnancies, and lack of awareness of the pressing issue of global warming, among others. Thus, they need guidance and proper guidelines to ensure they are still on track to become a responsible adult,” he said in a press release on Sunday.

“Discussion of these programs or courses paired with broader and more comprehensive instruction from childhood can help prepare young people to reach intellectual and emotional maturity leading to responsible and healthy life decisions. Early intervention is life impacting by changing a child’s life path away from problems and towards positive behaviors,” he added.

He suggested that the Department of Education (DepEd) formulate age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate topics, messages and teaching methods based on cognitive, emotional, social and student experience.

Under the bill, the DepEd must take action and adopt additional changes or adjustments in the elementary and secondary school curriculum to integrate environmental protection education, entrepreneurship, reproductive health and population control education, and drug abuse prevention education within six months of approval. of the law.

The DepEd will also provide free training to teachers and staff so that they are able to integrate a reality framework into student teaching.

The training can be credited to their continuing professional education units required for professional license renewal. (NAP)


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