Small Business Administration in the United States: strengthening Buy America in Wisconsin


The US Great Lakes states are known for their manufacturing. Wisconsin manufacturers may be mostly small businesses, but they provide the world with advanced controls, bio-health, food processing and water technology. Nearly 93% (7,041 companies) of the state’s manufacturers are small businesses, with 83% having fewer than 100 employees and 45% having fewer than ten, according to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy ( SBA) of the United States. They’re fueling America’s pandemic recovery and, under President Biden, our country’s lowest unemployment rate since 1970. To bolster American manufacturing, the Biden-Harris administration launched a whole-of-government initiative to improve procurement. federal and other programs; SBA is spearheading these efforts.

Many Wisconsin manufacturers have used SBA programs to become successful. For example, Ruth and Matt Johnston of Cross Gear in Hudson nearly doubled their third-generation company’s footprint to meet demand using an SBA 504 loan. SBA partner SCORE mentored Angela Schumacher of Hilbert’s Smoky Lake Maple Products with guidance on exporting, pricing, and internal controls, increasing profits from their unique syrup production breakdowns. And Eric Coffman of Graftobian Make Up Co. in Madison used SBA’s STEP program to reach new overseas markets, and he expanded his facility with SBA funding to put manufacturing and distribution in one place.

Small businesses can also increase revenue with free SBA certification for sale to the federal government, securing President Biden’s vision for the future. made in America by American workers. The SBA is the only federal cabinet-level agency dedicated to small businesses making goods and services produced in America for American consumption, creating jobs, income and wealth. Providing millions of dollars in federal funding and contracts, as well as free business advice, SBA also supports underserved entrepreneurs such as women, women of color, and rural homeowners so they can build wealth.

SBA’s products and support help entrepreneurs start, buy, grow, grow, and recover from disasters. I encourage all business owners and hopefuls to contact the Wisconsin district offices of the SBA by visiting To recover from the pandemic, we must to buy American, and to do this, small businesses in our country can turn to the SBA to help to build America.


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