NCCU Center for Public and Business Administration Education


Project description

The NCCU Center for Public and Business Administration Education (CPBAE) provides executive education for senior government officials and industry leaders. Having outgrown its original building, the project is designed as both a conceptual and architectural microcosm of the university and the city.

Located in a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood, the project condenses the university’s core functions onto a site 100 times smaller than its main suburban campus. Thus, the horizontal axis layout of the main campus is transformed into a vertical orientation. The program elements are then configured and stacked using a modular grid system and divided into two volumes. One volume houses the academic and conference elements and is clad in stone, while the other contains 100 rooms with an exposed concrete facade. Between the two, a series of transparent volumes, namely the lobby, the atrium and the café, project the workings of the center to the city beyond.

The main functional spaces are accessed through a series of hierarchical and sequential public spaces, bathed in daylight and naturally ventilated. A 30-meter-high central atrium takes the place of the traditional campus quad, which is further enlivened by the small assembly hall’s glass pods jutting dramatically into the void.

At street level, the ground floor incorporates both existing and newly planted vegetation within a porous boundary of the site. The entrance plaza is designed to bring people together, host events and facilitate leisure activities for the neighborhood. The various landscaped terraces further promote social, academic and professional interactions.


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