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Navigator CO2 Ventures adds key management personnel


Elizabeth Burns-Thompson – Vice-president of government and public affairs
Burns-Thompson has a multi-faceted skill set and extensive experience in agricultural policy and politics in the Midwest. As Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, Ms. Burns-Thompson will lead engagement and communications with external stakeholders and contribute to the successful development of the Heartland Greenway System.

Prior to joining Navigator, Burns-Thompson served as Director of Corporate Affairs for Renewable Energy Group, the largest biodiesel producer in North America, where she worked with local and national leaders to discuss and implement policies related to the advancement of renewable biofuels. A Iowa resident, Burns-Thompson has served as a councilor on Altoona City Council since January 2020. She holds a doctorate in law from Drake Law School with a specialization in agricultural law and policy, and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Affairs and International Agriculture from Iowa State University.

Jordan jones – Business Development Director
Jones has over 10 years of business development experience across multiple industries. As Director of Business Development, he will be responsible for identifying, developing and negotiating growth opportunities for the Heartland Greenway CCS System and will greatly contribute to the continued evolution of the system.

Prior to Navigator, Jones was Director of Business Development for Houston– based in Salt Creek Midstream, where he was responsible for growth through new project development and asset optimization. He was instrumental in establishing and marketing new intermediate infrastructures with the main organizations of the Permian basin. Jones holds an MBA from Texas Christian University with a concentration in energy and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Texas State University.

The Heartland Greenway System
The Heartland Greenway System is an industrial scale capture pipeline system that spans Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. The project will offer biorefineries and other industrial players a long-term economic path to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by capturing and transporting CO2 through 1,200 miles of pipeline to a permanent sequestration site.

At full capacity, the Heartland Greenway System will have the capacity to capture and store sufficient CO2 would be equivalent to taking about 2.6 million cars off the road per year, planting 550 million trees per year or eliminating the carbon footprint of Kansas City 1.5 times. For more information visit www.navigatorco2.com

About Navigator CO2 Ventures
CO browser2 Ventures provides comprehensive intermediary services, including product collection, transportation and sequestration. The company is committed to building and operating all of our projects to meet and often exceed safety requirements, while minimizing the collective impact on the environment, landowners and the public during construction and ongoing operations. . More information is available at www.navigatorco2.com.

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