NAF Business Academy – California Teachers Association


Accounting and marketing. Financial planning and professional ethics. Maintain good credit, save money and invest wisely. These are just a few of the skills students learn from members of the Burbank Teachers Association (BTA).

Student Alaiyah Holland.

In 2021, the program received a “Distinguished Award” from the National Academy Foundation, an industry-sponsored nonprofit with a nationwide network of public-private partnerships that support vocational academies within traditional high schools.

“A lot of people love money but don’t really understand it,” says Diane Grair, who teaches marketing, financial literacy and accounting.

Students excelled in the National Capitol Hill Challenge, an online stock market game to teach investing strategies. In partnership with local businesses, students create business plans.

BTA Treasurer Alyson Edge founded the academy and now oversees it, as well as the school’s medical and engineering academies. She co-authored a book on financial literacy for teens, Time Worth Spending.

“My favorite game was the stock market game,” says Alaiyah Holland, a student. “I was given $100,000 and three months and learned how to buy, sell and trade stocks. I learned key terms such as stock splits and dividends. I plan to use my knowledge to attend San Francisco State University and achieve my goal of becoming a brand marketing executive.”


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