London Maverick Business Academy Awards Wask Group Best Global Business Consulting Firm at GEBLA Awards 2021


Dr Anarfi’s WASK group receives the 2021 Global Excellence Business Leader Award in business consulting

The Maverick Business Academy in London awarded Dr Anarfi’s WASK group the 2021 Global Excellence Business Leader in Business Consulting Award.

According to the organizers, the award is reserved for accomplished companies and CEOs who have excelled in their fields of endeavor. “This event also honors leaders who have distinguished themselves and distinguished themselves in their chosen fields to be recognized, recognized and celebrated around the world.”

In a statement from the organizers, the program recognizes the positive impact of the Wask group on society as well as its contribution to development.

“We believe your noble organization can add value to what we have done over the years. We also believe that we can help make your organization widely known to society and the world through this platform ”

According to the founder of Wask Group, Dr Williams Anarfi, this award demonstrates the hard work of the group and the dedication of its staff, so it challenges the group to stay on top to continue to provide the best customer experience for customers.

Wask Group of companies is a Ghanaian-owned think tank that builds strong investment and development networks, both foreign and local, of high-ranking members of society, ranging from government officials to local authorities and individuals who wish to invest in projects. which are geared towards the economic development of Ghana.

WASK has established itself as a development promoter and investment engineering partner for government and local communities through (public-private partnership), private companies and individuals.

Presenting a summary of the group’s subsidiaries and services, Mr. Emmanuel KO Larbi, director of business development for the WASK group, detailed the values ​​of synergy and the support structures that the group provides on the continent and all the other companies present. “Our sole objective is to stimulate investment and forge partnerships with other stakeholders to foster the development of this great continent from our homeland, Ghana. It is therefore important not to let competition get in the way of collaboration. Why compete when we can complement each other’s efforts? ” he added.

“The WASK group seeks to bridge the gap between investors and other development actors such as entrepreneurs who lack the financial capacity and the right networks to make their business dreams come true. Our goal is to provide the right avenue for the right investment opportunity at the right time. Listening to the needs of our customers and monitoring the market to react to constant changes is also our hallmark.


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