Head of Football and Business Administration Kassandra Garcia


As head of football and business administration for the Rams, Kassandra Garcia has the distinction of being one of the highest-ranked Latinas in the NFL.

This uniqueness, however, is not as important to her as being recognized for the quality of her work and having her community better represented throughout the league.

“At the end of the day, I want to be defined by the quality of my work, not my ethnicity or my gender,” Garcia said. “As a Latino, I find strength and comfort in my community, so being one of many instead of one in a million would be better for me and for this league.”

Garcia started with the Rams in July 2019 and is currently in his fourth season with the team.

She said the best part of her job is having the opportunity to learn from a world-class organization and “to work alongside the brightest people in our profession”. Those same teammates are what drives her every day – more specifically, doing what she’s asked to do to the best of her ability to build trust with them.

“Every day is an opportunity to learn and improve,” Garcia said.

Raised by an immigrant family, Garcia said she valued hard work and saw everything as an opportunity. This experience still shapes her as a person to this day.

“When I try to make excuses for myself, I think back to the challenges my family overcame as they built their lives in America,” she said.

Along the same lines, Garcia suggests people celebrate Latino Heritage Month by learning about Latino culture and, more importantly, the struggles the Latino community faces in America, in addition to other ways. to show his support.

“Give back to your local Latino community, either with your time or your resources,” Garcia said. “Support and promote Latino-owned businesses, artists, programming, and more. Highly recommend Coco and Encanto on Disney+!”


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