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Four win St. Paul School scholarships


The St. Paul School Foundation awarded its 2021 annual scholarship to four high school graduates from the region.

Each received $ 2,000 in financial assistance for their first year of college studies.

The winners were Wilson Corbisello, a Salem High School graduate who plans to attend Bowling Green State University.

Carly Hall, a Salem High School graduate who is considering attending Youngstown State University.

Jacob McLachlan, a graduate of Salem High School who plans to attend Ohio State University.

Della Toliver, a graduate of Ursuline High School who plans to attend Youngstown State University.

High school students graduating from St. Paul’s School in Salem are eligible for the scholarship. Awards are based on grade point average, parish attendance, two letters of recommendation, and an essay that describes education and career plans and the impact of elementary Catholic education at St. Paul’s School. on the academic success of a candidate.

Since the scholarship was established in 1995, the foundation has awarded $ 122,450 to 137 graduates of St. Paul School.

The St. Paul School Foundation, established in 1990, is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Catholic education by supporting the academic programs, students, staff and facilities of St. Paul School. . To date, the foundation has donated over $ 1.4 million to the school.

Carly Room
Jacob McLachlan
Della toliver