Commerce graduate becomes a vintage clothing retailer in the heart of Carmarthen


A graduate of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Carmarthen Business School has created a new business by opening a new vintage clothing store in Carmarthen.

Mathew Kilgariff is the owner of ‘The Dandy Lion Vintage’ in Carmarthen. It is an independent company specializing in vintage/retro clothing and accessories, while providing its customers with durable, affordable and unique styles.

The idea was born out of the fact that there were no good quality vintage clothing stores according to Mathew in the Carmarthenshire area (especially for men). He had visited vintage clothing stores in Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff and realized a similar business could be viable in Carmarthen, and popular online platforms such as Depop and Vinted showed there was demand for the products. vintage.

He said:

“I believe that people always appreciate physical shopping on a high street because it is possible to see and feel the quality, size and fit of a product (even try it on). A clothing collection carefully selected can provide new ideas and there are knowledgeable staff to advise you on what is suitable for each individual.

“I personally don’t buy from clothing chains anymore because their ‘fast fashion’ business model is not sustainable, the quality of clothing is often poor and there is no individuality.”

As Mathew grew up in Carmarthen he felt he was familiar with the demographics of the town and felt that over the past 10 years it has become a shopping destination for Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

“Many of the big chains have struggled to maintain their premises with the struggle against an increasingly online savvy consumer, but this has created an opportunity for independent stores to create a new dynamic on the high street. with a thriving art college and university on our doorstep, I think creative young adults are underrepresented in the city’s stores.

Mathew decided to study BA Business and Management at UWTSD Carmarthen as he knew the university had an award-winning business department.

“As the classes were small, you would have individual instruction in a way that a large university could not offer. Going to talk to my teachers, I also realized that they were teaching a much more sustainability-focused course, which would give us an edge over more traditional courses.

“I believe that the practical skills I learned during the degree i.e. accounting, marketing strategies, data analysis etc. have been of great benefit to me in managing my own business and the support my teachers gave me helped give me the confidence to make this a reality.

Speaker Jessica Shore is proud of Mathew’s business and wishes him well for the future.

“It has been a pleasure to participate in Mathew’s educational journey. Mathew was an excellent student and a passionate entrepreneur. It’s wonderful to see that he has turned his dream into reality.


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