College of Business Administration fair offers opportunities for students


By Carolina Maciel and Jocelyn Reyes, September 20, 2022

Over 100 students gathered for the College of Business Administration Welcome Week which ended September 15 to explore various clubs, organizations and networking opportunities.

After a brief suspension due to COVID-19, the ABC hosted one of its first in-person fairs, providing opportunities for internships, mentors and connections.

The event was open to all students, featured giveaways and activities, and provided Fthree professional portraits of the Poly Lens club.

According to ASI Senator Naman Pandadiya, the CBA fair benefits students of today and tomorrow. Pandadiva mentioned that one of the biggest benefits is that students can experience what the clubs have to offer.

“Freshmen because it’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding and fulfilling work,” Pandadiva said. “You will see the fruits of your hard work come to fruition very quickly after completing a course and an assignment, and you will see how often you implement them in your personal life.”

According to Juritza Mata, a business administration major and member of the American Marketing Association, the fair is an opportunity for students to meet and network with others who share the same interest.

“AMA has a lot of networking opportunities,” Mata said. “We do a lot of conferences. we’re doing one nationally, so we can meet a lot of people nationally.

There were 20 registered business clubs to choose from, and the number is growing every month.. One of the most popular clubs was the Student Managed Investment Club where students learn about investing, financing and understanding the stock market. Another prominent club was the Real Estate Association, which focuses on viewing real estate properties and bringing in guest speakers.

Caroline Maciel | Post Poly

The College of Business Admission lounge is not just for business students. Mata encouraged other majors to see what clubs at the fair have to offer.

“We are open to all majors. we have people on our E-board that I know – one is a political science major. We also welcome communication majors. I think any major would really benefit from that,” Mata said. “Committees as well, so they can just get hands-on experience to see what working in a field like this would be like.”

As one of the first in-person shows since the pandemic, business administration is very excited to welcome new faces.

According to Andrew Cornejo, finance, real estate and legal specialist and member of the Finance Society, there are many benefits and advice to be gained from this club fair.

“Our club offers a CV workshop which I think is the best thing we offer. it really helps people build their portfolio, prepare after graduation so they can get a job,” Cornejo said.

Image courtesy of Carolina Maciel


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