Business graduate took pandemic as an ‘opportunity to grow’ in her field


Laurel Anne Kessler

AB Freeman School of Business graduate Laurel Anne Kessler and a team of three other business students took first place in the first business school case competition. Kessler won the award for best speaker. (Photo by Rusty Costanza)

Laurel Anne Kessler seizes opportunities where she finds them. She graduated from AB Freeman School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Management with a minor in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

When she arrived in Tulane four years ago from her hometown of Irvine, Calif., She had no idea she would be a big company. She started out in the liberal arts, but started working on a minor in management and found the business courses “super interesting.” I really liked them.

Choosing business as a specialty while pursuing courses in social innovation / entrepreneurship, Kessler said she had “incorporated business ideas and practices to create something unique.”

Kessler and a team of three other business students won first place in the first student government-sponsored business school case competition. Their presentation on a fictitious beverage company seeking to expand its product line was considered “the most creative”. Kessler won the award for best speaker.

Learning throughout the pandemic has been “an opportunity to grow,” she said. In his business classes, “we have linked our classroom learning to the pandemic and its impact on the business world. I think it sort of prepared me for future success, knowing how to deal with something as big and as global as a pandemic. “

The innovative use of technology adapted out of necessity in distance learning courses by his teachers and fellow students was interesting. “It was revealing to find out about the virtual learning option put in place,” Kessler said. “I see the virtual setting as something that can be used and celebrated more over time. “

Her goal now is to seek work in the nonprofit sector, a sector of the economy which, before coming to Tulane, “I didn’t know I was interested in it.”

But before settling into a job, she takes the next few months to finish writing a novel that she started years ago.

She maintained her literary interests while studying at Tulane, establishing the Potter Alliance Club for students who love the Harry Potter books. “We read the books and talked about them. It was social and fun, ”Kessler said. Among his other activities was his involvement with Housing and Residence Life and other clubs.

“I loved my experience at Tulane,” Kessler said. “I’m so glad I was able to come here. It was a great opportunity and a blessing for me. I look forward to giving back to this community in the future hopefully. I love this city. And I’m grateful to everyone who was a part of my college experience.


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