Business graduate learns leadership skills and finds mentorship at TWU

Graduated in Human Resources Management in May 2021 Jokabeth Castañeda

April 19, 2021 – DENTON – Jokabeth Castañeda, a May 2021 Texas Womans College of Business graduate, believes the key to leadership is connecting with others. This is exactly what she did with the leadership opportunities offered by the university, giving her the insight and skills to jumpstart her career.

Castañeda was born in Laredo, Texas, but raised in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. When she first visited TWU on a tour, the aesthetics and welcoming atmosphere of the campus motivated her to enroll, and she had the primary approval of her family.

“My parents loved the campus and how much it supports its students,” she said. “I felt it would be a good investment to attend TWU.”

In the first year, Castañeda thought his interests were a perfect match for dental hygiene. However, during her sophomore year, she realized that her interests for the future no longer matched her major. She started researching the programs available at TWU and fell in love with the study plan offered by the Human Resource Management program.

“Each class seemed interesting and nourishing; they all were! she said. “Additionally, studying human resources has helped me explore more career options, which has been extremely beneficial for my personal development.

Castañeda has also been involved in many of the leadership opportunities offered by the university, including the President’s Leadership Council and the Center for Student Leadership. She has also been Guidance Team Leader and Spanish Translator, Academic Support Assistant, Student Manager for Lowry Woods with Housing and Residence Life, G-Force Team Leader, Alpha Phi Omega Member and Committee Member Student Services Fee Advisory, and she was a two-time Redbud recipient: Emerging Leader of the Year in 2018 and Campus Leader with a Heart in 2019.

Jokabeth Castañeda

For her, getting involved was a great way to meet new people and broaden her perspectives.

“Coming to North Texas for the first time was a shock because at home everyone looked like me because 96% of the population identify as Latinx / Hispanic,” she said. “This new environment was diverse, but it was also inviting and welcoming. I decided to get more involved in the campus to meet people from diverse backgrounds, with different perspectives and opinions. It helped me come up with new ideas and train myself in areas I didn’t know about.

Additionally, Castañeda appreciated the opportunities to make others feel as welcome as she had been.

“All of my leadership positions have given me the opportunity to help other students as well as upcoming students, and I am truly grateful for that,” she said. “I have met some great people and it brings me so much joy to see them continually grow and achieve their goals. I had a wonderful time getting involved on campus and it gave me life-changing experiences.

Being involved in so many activities also gave Castañeda the opportunity to be mentored by exceptional teachers and staff.

“Dr. Stephanie Krauth has been a mentor and a source of support and encouragement throughout my academic career, and Dr. Monica Mendez-Grant has guided me and helped me find a stronger voice as as a student leader, “she said.” The list of staff and faculty who have encouraged and supported and cared for me is extremely long. I will never stop thanking them all, they were all great.

While at TWU, Castañeda also met the love of his life.

“We met in the summer of my sophomore year and have been inseparable ever since,” she said. “She graduated a year ago and remains involved in the TWU community. This relationship continues to help me grow and learn. She has been a great source of motivation and enlightenment for me and for everyone who meets her.

Castañeda plans to take a leadership role in a company that shares his values ​​and gives him the chance to give back to his community. Thanks to TWU, she feels ready to start her career.

“TWU has prepared me for my career in a number of ways,” she said. “I gained a lot of knowledge on the path I want to take and it gave me the tools and skills I needed as well as the opportunities to develop them. “


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