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Education and Workforce Development
Winner • Less than 5,000

The city and the academic leadership of Lonoke believe that students are the community’s greatest asset.

With the Lonoke Public School District Business Academy, the city has developed an education and business model based on the premise that communities thrive and Arkansas thrives when public school systems enable the workforce. local.

Population: 4.238
Mayor: Trae Reed
county: Lonoke
Region: central

The model prepares high school students not only for university, but also for the workforce in the local, state and national economy. Lonoke believes this model can be replicated statewide when business and education bring resources together and actively participate in a growth mindset.

Lonoke has transformed its business and education partnership into a consortium of visionaries who want to fill the skills and employment needs of the market and develop their own talents by reaching out to students in the region through employment forums, mentoring sessions, twinning opportunities and internships.

Partners – who help support a number of academy programs, equipment, and services – include the Arkansas State University-Beebe, the Arkansas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Arkansas Office of Workforce Development, Baptist Health, IF Anderson Farms, Heritage Agriculture Case IH, University of Arkansas Extension Office, Bayer and Farm Bureau.

The model is a work in progress and emphasizes the importance of student interest and exposure to skill development, career interests, and a Capstone event designed to summarize knowledge and the skills that students have acquired throughout their high school experience.

The 40,000-square-foot Business Academy, comprising an 11,100-square-foot health clinic, is a reflection of the business-education partnership Lonoke has cultivated for many years and the value city and state place on economic growth. and preparation for employment.

This academy is the only such agricultural facility in Arkansas. It is designed to develop the skills necessary to promote economic growth especially in rural agricultural areas by creating a workforce.

The community has shown its support by spending a thousand increase to build the $ 10 million facility. Individuals and businesses have donated $ 319,000 in cash and equipment to Lonoke Business Academy, and donations are still ongoing.

Lonoke rises from the ashes of Brownsville, burnt by Union troops during the Civil War, when the rulers of the old town decide to build a new town for the remaining residents.

Residents, city officials and contractors have answered the call to create a skilled workforce that reflects the economic needs of the region and state by leveraging all possible resources to develop relevant programs. and integrate the knowledge and skills of business experts into school curricula.

Through state licensing exemptions, the Lonoke Public School Business Academy will offer special lectures, business mentors, shadowing and paid internships to strengthen the economic acumen of the region and the State. This economic delivery system will be a model for school programming and a model that will enhance economic stability and growth in the years to come.

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