BU Master of Business Administration conference explores influences shaping the future of work


This month, Bournemouth University Business School hosted Shaping the future of work as part of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) conference.

As part of the MBA unit of the same name, Shaping the future of work explored how the workplace is currently undergoing unprecedented change under influences such as digitalization, machine learning and artificial intelligence, alongside shifting demographics and the emergence of new ways of working.

The conference featured guest speaker Ben Oghene, Director of Digital Solutions at PwC, who covered a range of topics from leveraging data science to identify global talent, while aiming to eliminate unconscious bias, to the application of virtual reality (VR) for learning purposes. He talked about PwC In my shoesa VR environment where leaders can experience the virtual shoes of their team members.

Ben said, “I enjoyed the rich discussion and the high level of student engagement. I wanted to speak at BU to raise awareness of the technologies that are shaping the future of work. Hope this helps some students decide what to focus on with regards to their future career plans. »

He continued, “I would like students to understand the potential societal impact of artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, extended reality, and other technologies that are developing at an exponential rate.”

Deb Taylor, Director of MBA at BU, said: “The conference is always a fantastic opportunity for students to reflect on changes in the workplace that will affect the way they lead in the future. Our MBA students asked tough questions and really focused on some of the ethical issues that will arise in future workplaces. »

Sharon Kajotoni, MBA student at BU Business School, said, “Inviting industry speakers to our conferences has been one of my favorite experiences as an MBA student. Not only do we hear real experiences from experts, but it also gives us the opportunity to move from a theoretical perspective to a more pragmatic style of learning. It’s always gratifying to know that what we’ve learned are facts that are applied in the real world. Not to mention the potential of networking, which is so vital in life.

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