Boise State Online Launches New Master of Business Administration in Marketing Leadership


Boise State Online and the College of Business and Economics announce the new online Master of Business Administration in Marketing Leadership. This specialization expands the list of existing focus areas of the Master of Business: management, healthcare leadership, and construction management.

The Marketing Leadership focus area builds on the foundational business knowledge provided by the Master of Business Administration program. It centers the program on data-driven decision-making, customer-centric innovation, and strategic leadership. Its unique courses expose students to broader functional areas of marketing and equip them with the tools and confidence to lead and master new marketing concepts.

“Today’s business environment is uncertain and constantly changing,” said Ally Daniels, director of the online Masters of Business Administration and Professional Masters of Business Administration programs. “Marketing leaders play a critical role in assessing markets and responding for optimal customer and revenue growth. We want to position this focus as a forward-looking view of the marketing industry, helping to create agile leaders and innovators ready to make an impact.

Preparing the next generation of marketing leaders

With the rise of digital marketing and the influx of customer data and feedback, the role of the marketing leader has changed dramatically. While marketing professionals have traditionally focused on advertising and sales, organizations are realizing that successful marketing teams must also impact strategy, innovation, communication and branding. Marketing managers must be knowledgeable and skilled in bringing groups of marketing experts together towards a common goal.

The marketing leadership focus area uses design thinking to approach marketing from a customer-centric perspective. Strategic Product Management courses unite the goal of creating the best products for users with the organization’s need to manage an innovation pipeline of new products and services.

Within the program, a comprehensive course dedicated to sharing leadership, strategy and communication tactics helps students broaden their view of marketing and high-level management functions. The program’s emphasis on leadership development prepares graduates to execute strategy and lead teams spanning advertising, sales, data analytics, product development, and communications.

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US News and World Report ranked Boise State Online’s Master of Business Administration in the among the top 19% in the country out of 328 institutions surveyed. This top online program is based on innovation – enabling you to advance your career, credibility and confidence in a flexible online format. With six start dates throughout the year and seven-week practical courses, you can graduate in as little as 12 months.

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