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Black History Month: with Xavier Jackson of Local Art Plug

In recognition of Black History Month, the UNO CBA recognizes Black faculty, students, alumni, and community members who are making an impact in Omaha and beyond.

We are proud to present Xavier Jackson from Local Art Plug. Local Art Plug aims to give a platform to artists in the Omaha area while creating connected and accessible art communities. We asked Jackson what it was like to own a business in the Omaha community, what motivates him and why it’s important for an organization like his to be based here.

What’s it like to be a black business owner in the Omaha community?

“Getting started is definitely a tough job, but if you look closely, in every corner of Omaha, you can find mentors and people willing to help you succeed.”

What motivates you?

“The idea of ​​creating generational wealth and being my own boss motivates me to keep moving forward. What really keeps me going through these difficult days is knowing that I am a source of inspiration to my siblings and peers.”

Why is it important that organizations like yours, Local Art Plug, exist? Why did you found your organization and what are your hopes for how it will continue to impact the Omaha community?

“I founded my business with the goal of making art accessible in Omaha by finding ways to help local artists not only grow, but also thrive in a city they love while pursuing their passion without having to move to a bigger city. It’s important for businesses like mine to exist because we help fill the gaps left by big business and nonprofits.”

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