Bachelor of Business Administration Now Offered at Baraboo Sauk County Campus


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville now offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management at the UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County campus, making it the first bachelor’s degree program to be offered in one of both UW-Platteville campuses.

“We know some students in the Baraboo area are location-bound,” said Dr. Les Hollingsworth, director of the UW-Platteville School of Business. “Even if they would like to get a bachelor’s degree, it forces them to do one of two options: go entirely online or pick up and move somewhere, and a lot of students don’t have the option to pick up and move This will allow us to better meet their educational needs.We bring them the four-year university.

Business leaders in the Sauk County area have expressed excitement over the new offering, hoping it will attract more students who plan to stay and work in the area long-term.

“I am thrilled to hear that UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County is adding a BBA to its offerings,” said Bryan Fiene, a 1980 graduate of the then UW-Baraboo Sauk County and 1983 UW-Platteville graduate. As a director at Robert W. Baird and a leader of the Fiene Heitzkey Group, he works with clients nationwide, including large and small companies in Sauk County.

“I think having this degree offered in Sauk County, which has some of the most successful businesses in the state, is an incredible resource for students and businesses,” Fiene said. “The culture is really unique here, and companies feel the same when it comes to hiring kids from their area. If the kids love it here, they stay with the employer long term and the opportunities are huge. From national household names like Culver’s, Mueller and Wollersheim, to local manufacturers, farm equipment companies, cooperatives, insurance and finance companies as well as a massive tourism industry, Sauk County is a great place to a career in one of the friendliest and most beautiful settings in the world.

Katelyn Zajicek, a sophomore and associate, from nearby Portage, Wis., said she was thrilled to have the opportunity to continue and earn a UW-Platteville Bachelor of Business Administration degree on the branch campus she has become accustomed to.

“Classes are small, and you get to know your teachers and actually have them for multiple classes,” Zajicek said. “I considered other universities to complete my degree, but I think that especially if the bachelor’s degree had been available [at the branch campus] when I started, I wouldn’t have spent that time thinking about other programs and would have been focused on staying with UW-Platteville.

The program will be offered in a hybrid format, with some classes each semester entirely in-person at the Baraboo Sauk County campus and some classes entirely online. Graduation requirements also include an internship, which at UW-Platteville’s main campus has turned into a full-time job offer for students more than 80% of the time.

Registration for the program is currently open for the fall semester. For more information and to apply, go to


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