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National University’s Bachelor of Business Administration offers the following career-relevant concentrations. To see the Course Catalog for more information.


Designed for those who major in business administration with its broad base of business-related disciplines, but who also wish to acquire the appropriate mid-level accounting knowledge and skills for careers in corporate accounting and finance departments, d a non-profit organization or government entity.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Designed for those majoring in business administration or management who wish to enter the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Successful completion of the ADR program will provide students with the skills to become effective negotiators, mediators, and facilitators and to promote peace and understanding between diverse cultures.

Business Law

Designed for students undertaking a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Management (BAM). The concentration will provide those interested in a career in law, business, or government with an understanding of the complex legal issues that exist in today’s business environment.


Designed for those who wish to learn how a society makes economic decisions, the program will provide quantitative skills as well as the analytical ability to understand economic data. Students will be prepared for successful graduate studies in all business disciplines, including finance, management, and marketing, as well as law school or other professional training.


Designed for those looking for practical knowledge in starting, running or running a business. The concentration aims to provide students with specialized knowledge in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, small business management, and family businesses. Entrepreneurship is one of the core concentrations in many business schools.


This concentration prepares students for future management responsibilities with an emphasis on the financial management of organizations. Career opportunities in finance lie in three interrelated areas: financial institutions; investments, including the sale of securities or the analysis of securities; and financial management in all types of commercial and nonprofit organizations.

Human Resource Management

This concentration provides education, knowledge, and skills that apply to all levels of an organization. This degree program is excellent preparation for students attracted to a career in the increasingly important field of human resource management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This concentration prepares students for analytical and management roles in organizations that ship goods across town or around the world. The focus is on the growing field of e-commerce and its complex omnichannel distribution systems.


This concentration is organized around a management framework that gives students an understanding of marketing concepts as well as the application of these concepts in decision-making and management of marketing activities. There is a wide range of opportunities in marketing, market analysis, product/branch manager, retail, etc.

Project management

Designed for students seeking specialist knowledge in the field of project management preparing them for careers in industry. The undergraduate program prepares individuals who choose a career in the discipline and choose to pursue their professional certification in project management and/or their MBA.


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