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Aligarh: Students from the Department of Business Administration of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) came together to showcase their skills in a wide range of business functions such as production, finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, oversight, workflow planning, policy development, results measurement, problem solving, and monitoring budgets for the ASAAS-2022 program at Akhil Bansal Amphitheater, Frank Management Complex and Debbie Islam.

“Management skills instill confidence in young students wanting to enter the corporate work culture so they can deal with an ever-changing and changing world. When young professionals start their first leadership position, they are expected to lead and manage other employees, but they lack the ability to do so. Learning good management skills through programs like these will definitely help them advance in their careers,” said the guest of honor at the inaugural ceremony, Professor Khalid Azam (faculty member at the retirement, Department of Business Administration).

He added, “The ASAAS function, organized by students for 30 years, provides students with a platform to showcase their talents to reach greater heights.”

Professor Salma Ahmad (Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Research) emphasized, “The ASAAS program is designed to hone the management skills of business administration students. After participating in this event, students will not only be equipped with the necessary management skills that will help them understand the importance of setting realistic goals, but they will also understand the best ways to solve problems, learn how to manage expectations according to budgets, inculcate strong professional values, identify one’s strengths and weaknesses and learn to work effectively in a team”.

Special guest Professor Mohd Wasim Ali (AMU Proctor) motivated the students to show their best during the event.

Prof. Jamal A Farooquie (Chairman of Department of Business Administration) remarked, “The ASAAS event is all about building the foundations of management culture in students through the demonstration of management skills and creativity” .

AMU alumnus Dhanjit Vadra (renowned businessman, Abdul Ghafoor from Denmark, Khurshid Sherwani (Qatar) and Areeb Ahmad (UAE) urged students to learn new management skills through extensive practical experience in a number of engaging exercises to understand how managers perform essential skills at modern workplaces.

In the welcome speech, Professor Ayesha Farooq (lead faculty, ASAAS) gave an overview of the event since its inception.

Other responsible teachers, Dr. Asif Akhtar, Dr. Ahmad Faraz Khan and Dr. Zareen Husain Farooq have focused on improving soft skills such as communication and empathy for a better job. team and more progressive professional relationships.

They informed, “The first day of the event saw the participation of a large number of students from various colleges, schools and departments of UMA. These students engaged in policy challenge contests, debates, solo singing, short story writing, self-composed poetry, and other games.

‘Adab-e-Guldastan’, a panel discussion with Nawaz Deobandi as the main guest and Prof. FS Sherani (Dean of Unani Medical School) and Huma Khalil as honored guests also had venue.

Professor Parvaiz Talib (Department of Business Administration) moderated the panel discussion.

Hafiz Imran Javed (Coordinator, ASAAS) extended the vote of thanks.


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